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The current situation of the labour market related to gender issues forces the adoption of community strategies aimed at fostering and increasing the skills and competences of women. The learning partnership aims at the transnational exchange of experiences and tools developed in each partner country related to support and help for marginalised and isolated women at risk of exclusion.
For this learning partnership we would like to share the experiences of women towards a innovative model of enabling them to develop their skills and improve their competences in the field of food and cooking. Healthy eating and sustainable lifestyle are two aspects where we can prevent social exclusion by encouraging positive attitudes and increasing skills in order to be active participants in their local community through the development of healthy receips by using local and so called "zero km" products.
The beneficiaries will be women who are in need of an effective support making them feel active again in the society, less alone and isolated. and make them feel an active citizen again.
The main aims will be:
To increase community cohesion amongst women with food
To identify barriers to active citizenship
Promote healthy lifestyles with health food projects
Using cooking as a way of creating intercultural and intergenerational links
To encourage dialogue between urban and rural communities and women
To use cooking skills to increase confidence in women to engage in labour markets

For further info: http://www.citizens-cafe.eu/ 




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