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The ambitious Energy and Climate targets for 2020 demand an increasing effort from the building industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase the share of renewable energies and improve the energy efficiency of buildings using innovative technologies.

In the EU Directive on public procurements released in February 2014, the European Commission recommends the adoption of BIM, Building Information Modeling, for its energy and environmental transition policy. BIM is the process and practice of virtual design and construction throughout its life cycle.

In this context, where the different national building regulations are more and more innovative and demanding, the professionals in charge of the realization of buildings are not well informed or trained and they lack interdisciplinary skills. They should be trained in order to promote their 'energy literacy', including integrated design, management practices and good operational digital skills which are necessary to face the digital transition which is spreading in the construction sector.

The objectives of our ELITE project are:

- to close the gaps between industry needs and professionals and future professionals skills, defining an innovative training course which will foster employability of the trained people,

- to support the development of innovative and systemic professional approaches in the field of energy efficiency in the building sector, based on the use of BIM, which will enhance building enterprises competitiveness.

The participants will be the ELITE partners, representing 5 EU countries, France, Italy, Scotland (UK), Estonia and Portugal. Their heterogeneity will ensure the multilateral approach to the project. Each partner will involve local stakeholders, representing both the construction trade and the education sector. The beneficiaries of the training offer will be construction professionals and future construction professionals (level 3 and 4 of the EQF).

The innovative, open on-line tools will ensure the sustainability of ELITE activities within and beyond the partnership on a long-term basis. The local national stakeholders and the silent partners identified in the preparatory phase will guarantee the take up of ELITE outputs by a wide audience fostering the impact of the project.

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