European Programmes

European programmes Associazione N.E.T applied as applicant or Parnters :

VP 016 Against discrimination

  • “Kaleidos: integrated services for Deaf People”

Leonardo Mobility

  • Promotion of Women Enterpreneurship
  • Developing Euroskills in documentation area of IT
  • European technologies and traditions in preservation of historical building

Culture 2000

  • “The laser technology for art and craft conservation and maintenance”

Grundvig 2.1

  • Fleurop – Women living in rural Areas learn for Europe
  • Fleurop – Women living in rural Areas learn for Europe 2
  • Integr’art” 1
  • Integr’art” 2

Grundtvig 1 :

  • “Fleurope handbook: European Comparison of Alternative Training and Empowerment Strategies in Rural Areas”

Equal round 1

  • IT-G-VEN-014 “Macramè” – applicant MAG Mutua Verona
  • IT-G-VEN-039 “Diapason” – applicant Comunità Montana del Grappa – Treviso
  • IT-G-PUG-056 “Enziteto” – applicant ATI Enziteto- Bari
  • Consultant for the Transnational activity of the Equal project: “Thames Gateway Equal Development Partnership” promotore London Borough of Greenwich

Equal round 2

  • IT-G2-VEN-047 “Elisir – managing processes…..” applicant CCIAA Treviso
  • IT- S2-MDL- 193 “www.whatwomenwant.net” applicant ATI donna – Lecce
  • IT-G2-VEN-028 “ECCOMI” applicant- Mag Mutua Verona