Erasmus+ – green Guest

Erasmus+ – green Guest

The project:

The Hospitality industry is often characterised by an increasing staff shortage together with a very high turnover due to the difficulty of enterprises to retain their staff. The trade has sometimes a poor image mainly due to a critical perception of its working conditions.Yet this trade is based on a specific “art de vivre” and employment can be attractive and rewarding. French enterprises of Lower Normandy have created an association called “Les Petits Plats Dans les Grands” whose goal is to promote successful practices in terms of human resources management, to support enterprises committed to the quality of training for their apprentices, students and trainees.

This particular concern for the well-being of staff and promotion of the trade is in keeping with a particular commitment to offer high quality service to customers. Today customers’ attitudes and behaviours have been changing in the last decades as regards sustainability of products and services. Consumers are the driving force behind the trend of companies to develop environmental stewardships.

The effect of “green thinking” is a strong incentive for professionals of the hospitality and tourism trade to respond to changed needs and wants. The hospitality sector has a significant impact on the environment through energy and water consumption, use of consumable products, and solid and hazardous waste generation. Adopting sustainable hospitality programs can provide a significant competitive advantage to businesses in the hospitality sector. Life-long training of staff is also the best way to support enterprises in this time of change and sustainability can have a lever effect to inspire people into the trade.

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