Erasmus+ Rock the Greens Hub

Erasmus+ Rock the Greens Hub

The project:

Rock The Greens Hub comes within the scope of the vegetarian and vegan booming niche market in most European countries. This trend towards healthy living, also the consequence of all the various meat scandals, start having a real impact on the European restaurant scene. The number of vegetarians and vegans is growing steadily in many countries. Rock The Greens Hub is a project deeply rooted locally in Normandy, Veneto, Leon, Budapest , Tartu , Izmir, Lodz with a strong European ambition.

Partners both from the VET environments and Hospitality businesses decided to tackle the meatless plant based issue in Hospitality.

Our goal is to guarantee that these particular guests are treated with a food offer at the level required in professional catering .

Partners fully respect perfect neutrality with regards to the pros and cons of the issue and will not take side but will strive to address the new booming niche market through training current and future professionals of the trade : CVET , IVET , unemployed people , beneficiaries also coming from disadvantaged groups, for them to be aware of the issue and gain culinary techniques typical of vegetarianism /veganism. Therefore our project comes within the scope of the characteristics of the EU 2020 strategy: smart, sustainable and inclusive.

French, Hungarian, Italian , Estonian, Spanish, Polish , Turkish partners work on the creation of a learning unit framework in view of ECVET broken down into versatile modules to be introduced in mainstream VET pathways whenever relevant . We will undertake a training of trainers and business mentors scheme. At least 14 trainers and mentors will experiment the scheme which will be available for valorisation when assessed at European level. 80 VET beneficiaries will be involved in the piloting of the learning units and 14 of them will fully experiment the ECVET system for a development beyond the project time lapse.

A network of businesses, mainstream conventional and vegetarian restaurants, accredited to a specific label which is being created throughout the project, both committed to offer traineeships and to develop a customerwise approach to vegetarianism. A first pioneering group of 18 European businesses will experiment the labeling process with a prospect to develop the network in the short and longer terms. Our project fosters the way a trade can address a new market stemming both from a social and economical demand and therefore be more competitive , by working hand in hand with training environments to tackle this issue. Our innovative experimentation has then an interest beyond the plant based issue and it can concern other trades.

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