LEONARDO MP – Building the best

LEONARDO MP – Building the best

The project:

“Building the Best” is needed to create a foundation for increasing the quality of construction training across Europe. The construction sector is a key economy growth driver in the European Union, improvements in quality and innovation in VET practices and transferring them from one country to another is a crucial element of European integration. With the construction industry continuing to rapidly change and expand, vocational teachers especially among new member countries are greatly challenged in keeping abreast of current information and updating their knowledge and skills pertaining to modern construction technologies, machinery and training practices.

The aim of this partnership between VET schools, enterprises, and educational institutions is to facilitate a transfer of critical information through a combination of forums, workshops, and visits for data collection during a 2-year period.

Information will be shared among those with innovative industry knowledge and experience; a diffusion of best practices among institutions, construction industry experts, and VET construction teachers. This partnership increases uniformity in training delivery and furthers the development of pedagogies and practices. The product of this partnership will be a CD-ROM that compiles the latest information on construction industry practices for easy use by those participating in this project with expected subsequent broader dissemination through national channels.

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