LEONARDO TOI – Te.D – Therapy Dog Trainer

LEONARDO TOI – Te.D – Therapy Dog Trainer

The project:

Te.D is an innovative support and training programme which aids long term unemployed, to enter or re-enter the labour market in a new area of work.

The specific objectives of the project will be to adapt it to 6 countries meeting the needs of the particular labour market context, VET system and needs of the target groups in each country. As a key part of the successful development and mainstreaming in Italy Associazione NET will involve also the C.S.C (Behavioural Sciences center) of the University of Padua managing the animal side of the initiative.

A second important aim is to reach accreditation in each country partner of the project. This is being undertaken through the UK Open College Network. Each partner will create a database of stakeholders and relevant contacts in its formative stage.

The adaptation and pilot of the course will be supported by the Stakeholders ‘Round Table’ in each country which will advise on these stages and contribute to the evaluation processes.

By targeting long term unemployed in each of the partner countries the project will further the Lisbon strategy of making the EU the most competitive knowledge based economy. It will contribute to social cohesion by supporting the acquisition of key competencies by a group at risk, enabling them to develop competence, confidence and skills and become a valued part of the community. Moreover the innovative domain which is pet therapy enables the Te.D project to meet the EE priority “New skills in new jobs” by creating a new professional profile in an important field.

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