Grundtvig LP-Trust On You

Grundtvig LP-Trust On You

The project:

T.O.Y. I Trust On You – Integration of elderly people through the support of puppies

From a demographic point of view the society tends to have a population every day older. Most of the time elderly people are emarginated and isolated. This situation forces the adoption of community strategies aimed at fostering and increasing the skills and competences of elderly people. The learning partnership aims at the transnational exchange of experiences and tools developed in each partner country related to support and help for marginalised elderly people through the use of pets. The beneficiaries will be over 60 women and men who are in need of an affective support making them feel active again in the society, less alone and isolated. and make them feel an active citizen again. The project aims also at making the community aware on the issue of Supported Activities with animals for elderly people to produce a participated project design on the matter.

The main aims will be to identify:

  1. the dimension and features of the problem in each partner country,
  2. the already existing activities supporting the target group, and the solutions identified to overcome the over 60 loneliness and social disadvantage through the use of pets.

The partnership will organise transnational meetings, seminars with experts of the Third Sector and associations specialised in the pet therapy, visits to institutions and organisations dealing with the issue, in each partner country. Elderly people will attend the transnational meetings and will be in charge of taking pictures and organise the final exhibition in each country member of the project. The final product will be a European handbook to be used as an information support for public institutions translated in all the languages of the partnership and the photos exhibition of their transnational experiences.

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