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IN-WORKER: Training human resources and managers to detect and cover training needs in intercultural working environments

One of the features that affect more and more the whole European Society is the progressive increase of immigration flows. Allocating immigrant workers out of the formal work system and undermining their skills and knowledge is leading to marginalization of foreign communities, loss of their motivation and of the advantages these could bring to entities, to the economy and to the society at large. When not properly managed, the incorporation of immigrant workers to a job can put them in a position of vulnerability, because of: the impossibility of adapting themselves to the new working environment; the poor continuous training they have got along their active life in order to adapt themselves to the changes happened at the labour setting; the non-forecast of the appropriate training needs for these workers; the arising of misunderstandings and conflicts between national and foreign workers that creates problematic environments. Within this context, HR and training managers play a key role in companies, as they can act as precursors of the integration and adaptation of immigrant workers. We understand that lifelong learning is a core subject that will help empower HR and training managers, providing them resources and materials for the detection of training needs and the integration of immigrant workers. So considering the implication of the inclusion of immigrant workers into the European SMEs´ staff, and the main role of vocational training as an instrument for solving existing lacks, the main objective of this proposal is to create an innovative training tool that will focus on two main aspects:

– Adaptation of the methodology for the detection and prevention of training needs developed in the framework of the previous FORMET project, to e-learning and to intercultural working environments, making the access of a great range of HR and training managers to the contents, creating more effective channels of communication and exchange of experiences and practices, and favourising the update the practical contents of the tool.

– Improvement of the training contents, with the inclusion of sections specially aimed at improving the sensitizing and management activities.

The partnership is led by a Polish organisation, specialised in the field of ICTs and SMEs management, and a solid set of entities experienced in training, ICTs and disadvantages collectives in SMEs environment. As added value, the working teams have experience in EU projects realisation, guaranteeing the very best results of these kind of projects. As a consequence of the project implementation and the valorisation activities, target collective daily activity will be favoured with innovative supporting tools, immigrant worker’s efficiency will be improved, avoiding the lost of jobs by strengthening their employment conditions, favouring enterprises’ competitiveness and making possible the creation of new employments. It is envisaged that the project outcomes will have immidiate short-term impact on target groups, sectors, potential users and VET systems and practices in the form of improved knovelege in the area of training content and at the same time improved ICT skills, better qualified employees, able to work in intercultural environment. We expect that the especially important will be the long-term impact which the results will have on target groups, sectors, potential users and VET systems and practices which will result in diffusion of better VET practices that will be able to answer real needs in the field of long life learning, in rising awareness of existance of innovative solutions and competetiveness of the sectors taking advantage of the tools and eventually in better intercultural dialogue troughout Europe.

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